Plamon came to the earth to protect the earthling’s skin from the universe!

Story of Plasma and Plamon begins from now on.

Plamon Story

I'm Plamon

One day, Plamon, Plasma goblin from the universe came to meet earthling. Plamon pitied on earthling suffering from skin concerns and contributed himself to helping earthling with Plasma, his special power. So he left his home universe and settled in the earth.

When I settled in the earth? December 21, 2018.

When my ID card was issued? December 21, 2018.

Where I belong? : Seoulin Medi Care Co., Ltd






Using Lightning

Why is my name Plamon?

I'm Plamon, the Plasma Monster.

I was created and named ftom Plasma.

I'm hungry, you'll see me eat germ and acne and leave your skin free from bacteria.

I turn into a pink rabbit after eating up skin trouble agents as the way of Plasma toning.

I always carry lightning and enjoy snack (germ). It must be why I have a potbelly.

Where you can find me!

You can find me Plasma devices of Seoulin Medi Care, a specialist of Plasma.

I’ll treat your skin with Plasma BT (medical device) and Plason (aesthetic device). I may also visit your home with Plasma Shower (home care device).

I can’t wait to meet you with plasma devices! We’ll step forward with more variety of plasma devices for better skin!

Plasma BT

Medical Part


Medical Part




Aesthetics Part


Aesthetics Part




Home Device Part

Plasma Shower

Home Device Part

Plasma Shower

Online Mall


Photo letters from Plamon!


So, would you like to know about me?

Lightning and Aurora is Plasma. That’s why Plamon brings it everywhere.

Plasma is ionization of the air containing electric energy.

More than 99% of the visible matter in the universe is in the Plasma state.

Difficult? No! Aurora and lightning is Plasma itself!

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Sterilization or absorption enhancement of Plasma is well known by many theses and researches. Plasma is broadly applied in post-energy, medical, agricultural and environmental field and so on.